Directed by debut filmmaker James Moore, this story of desperation, passion, and redemption stars breakout performances from Tom Ferguson, Conor Harring ton, Chaston Finaldi, and Ellie Williams. All shot on location in Manchester, Vermont, Life Heist captures a small-town feel that’s intimate and personal. But with this it also has immense energy with it’s inventive cinematography and stylish flare. In Manchester, Vermont, security is minimal…real minimal. Folks don’t even lock their doors when they go on vacation. When two Manchester high schoolers John (Harrington) and Alex (Finaldi) learn that a loved one
has a rare kind of cancer, not covered by insurance, they take advantage of Manchester’s minimal security by robbing the local bank. With the help of a janitor from their high school (Ferguson), and a crew of fellow high schoolers, the boys embark on a
journey that entails excitement, love, betrayal, and redemption. Feel your heart beating a nd breaking in a chaotic harmony of life and death. Feel the desperation, perspiration, and redemption while laughing the whole way. This is Life Heist.
01:11:26 Feature, Student
United States English
Debbie Moore, Bill Muench, Jim Moore, Chaston Finaldi, Conor Harrington, Tom Ferguson, Ellie Williams, Koben Pottala, Adrian Woodrow, Julian Woodrow, Writer/Director: James Moore

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